Koycegiz with its history, lake sea, is a paradise in paradise. Koycegiz iswonderful holiday centre and resort place with its 850 bed capacity otels and pensions, untouched nature, citrus trees, incensce(sgla) trees(in Turkey only Koycegiz has this tree species), 52 square kilometres land, and marvellous Koycegiz lake.

Koycegiz has so many characteristics not existed in other touristic places. At the same time skiing on the submit, swimming in lake, performing water sports, having a good time with thermal spring waters can be done in Koycegiz.

In Koycegiz, there are 2 km length walking road, beach and 50 acre Municipality Camping Area surrounded by Incense( Sgla ) Trees. Koycegiz lake is quiet up to noon for cano and row sports, but afternoon cool breeze blows and this condition is suitable for surf and sailing.

For this reason, firstly in 18th 22nd of August 2002, there has been optimist windsurf races taken place and these races will continiue regulary. Meanwihile, Water Sports Club supported by Koycegiz Municipality, is organizing many courses. Water Sports Camp Training Center with its 9 bed capacity is serving to sportsmen.

It is possible to go, by 45 minutes boat trip, to Sultaniye hot spring resort 100 person capacity houses, indoor outdoor pools, mud baths and Kaunos Ruins; following the labryinth shaped Dalyan canals, you can reach the Mediterraneans waters, iztuzu beach with 7 km beach, and caretta caretta tortoises. These are the dreamlike phenomenons.

In addition, you can also reach the thermal resort and Kaunos Ruins in 30 minutes following the road passing between the pine trees, and via Ekincik cove you can arrive Mediterranean sea.