There is better way to view the spectacular mountain range that surrounds Lake Koycegiz than by a moonlit night cruise.

Step aboard řahinís boat for one of the best experiences you will have at Koycegiz, departing approximately 22.00 oíclock there are two options available to the happy traveler

  1. Take a carefree cruise on the lake while enjoying some refreshing beverages and great company, after crossing the lake you have the chance to savour the delights of relaxing in the sulfur hotsprings and taking a refreshing dip in the fresh cool lake itself.



  1. Cruise around the lake taking in the all that this area has to offer, brilliant stars, glorious moon and of course plenty of swimming, laughs and good times had by all.


Each cruise is approximately three to four hours and will set you back 8 pound. Drinks are supplied on the boat at hostel prices or for an extra special treat, a punch can be mixed up fresh on the boat for an extra 1 pound each with your first beer free.

So why not treat yourself to fantastic evening and spend it with řahin and the boys!

Life just doesnít get any better than this!